Tips and Tricks for Shopping the National Bridal Sale Event

UPDATE: The National Bridal Sales Event has ended, but we still have beautiful dresses in store! Give us a call to schedule an appointment! Check out our website to learn more about upcoming events.

It’s Summer and that means its time for The National Bridal Sale Event! The NBSE is the biggest bridal sample sale of the year and we can’t count all the brides who have found their perfect dress during these events! We’ve listed a few tips and tricks for brides-to-be that will help you discover and live your bridal vision!

Why Shop the NBSE?

The National Bridal Sale Event allows brides to purchase a designer wedding gown sample for a reduced price, often 50% – 70% off the retail price of the gown, putting the price of that GORGEOUS dress within the realm of “Epic Bragging Rights.” You will want to tell everyone how well you did!

Defining the Sample Gown

A sample gown is simply a gown that is in stock and is a physical part of a boutique’s collection. They are size and color specific making each dress a one-of-a-kind opportunity. All gowns are new but have been tried on before and therefore may need some light TLC. During a sample sale, gowns are not ordered but purchased directly off the sale floor and taken home the same day! This makes them the perfect solution for Brides with tight planning schedules as it eliminates that 4 – 6 month wait period for an ordered gown.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Book Your Appointment Early

Booking your appointment early is the best way to ensure you get first pick of all the beautiful, off-the-rack gowns available. Appointments fill up quickly so plan ahead. Your desired time may not be available or the day may be fully booked if you call with a same-day appointment request.

2. Know Your Budget Range. Be Prepared To Buy.

Settle on a basic price range before you shop. It is heartbreaking to see a bride try on and fall in love with a gown that is hundreds of dollars outside of her budget. With that in mind, the average (pre-reduced) cost of a wedding gown at Bride ‘N Groom runs between $900 – $2000 so you can be comfortable budgeting below these numbers. Be prepared to make a purchase if you find a dress that sparks your joy. Browsers are often caught unaware when they unwittingly discover The One and didn’t come with the mindset to find it. There is no guarantee that your dress will still be available if you come back for a return appointment.

3. The Hunt!

Having an idea about the vibe you want for your day is wonderful but keep an open mind about the styles you may discover. Everything looks different off the hanger. You may find you love being a princess with all the twirling layers of a ballgown or realize your booty looks great in that fitted gown you thought you could never pull off!

Be aware that bridal sizes and street sizes Do. Not. Correlate. Because designers produce for a global market it is impossible for them to construct their sizing charts to match the vanity sizing used in America. On average a person will come in and find their formal size is 2 – 3 sizes above what they buy at the mall. Please do not let this discourage you. It just means you may have a broader selection of dresses to choose from as each designer has their own sizing chart.

Come prepared.

If you plan on wearing shapewear on your day bring it along or wear it under your daily attire. You may also want to bring a non-traditional bra option such as a strapless or a sticky bra. You want to be able to see, in the closest way possible, how a style will look on your frame and while many gowns now are created in a way that bras can be optional, one can never underestimate the power of good undergarments. If your only bra option aside from a sports bra is a traditional 2 cup strappy, we suggest wearing the strappy. Sports bras are designed to compress and bind the chest and will not provide a realistic fit when trying on formalwear.

Bring 1 or 2 of your most supportive family or friends. Having a full entourage may be fun but during a sample sale having so many differing opinions can weigh a person down and lead to purchasing a gown that may not fully express who YOU are. Bring only those who you know will fully support you and your vision as a bride.

4. Victory!

You found your gown and you said YES!! Celebrate with your crew and share the pics you took with all your best secret keepers.

We’re so excited about our National Bridal Sale happening July 17th-24th, 2021 at our boutique in Downtown Springdale! Make your appointment today as spots are filling up quickly!

I need a National Bridal Sale Appointment!

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